World Arts Videos

Michal Johnson describes her journey as a graduate student in the World Arts program.

Arts Consultants at Work is a story of how the Mono church (DR Congo) turned a rejected art form into a catalyst for revival and spiritual growth.

Sparking Creativity follows the work of an Arts Consultant in Burkina Faso and the use of the balaphone.

Arts Consultant: Understanding illustrates the complexity of a performance, describes some of the analytical tools that can be used, and how to comprehend the form and meaning of a particular event. Available also in Spanish, French, and Korean.

Arts for a Better Future workshop is an one week arts exploration event where participants can broaden their palette of tools for cross-cultural arts engagement by learning how to be better catalysts and co-creators for local, indigenous creativity

More Video Resources

2013-arts-group-smallVideo series from a 2013 Consultation on Arts in Mission sponsored by Lausanne Arts and WEA Mission Commission, and hosted by ICE and GIAL in Dallas, TX. These short, inspirational plenary talks were given by some of the top North American leaders in arts and missions.